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Purple Tote


January is my time to do an overhaul on my tiny and overcrowded sewing space: clean, organize, sort, purge. This usually involves dealing with my overflowing scrap bin which I am always trying to devise a better organizational plan for. Since I have a ridiculous amount of fabric I love and am inspired by, it seems silly that I don’t just toss the scraps. Well, we’ve been trough this before, the unfortunate soft spot in my heart for that which will go to waste. Truth is, I love working with scraps. I find it very relaxing and fulfilling to use up these leftovers.

Since I had a weekend with just me and my three-year-old at home, I took over the living room with my scrap sorting. It was a sight to see: piles and piles of scraps sorted by color and print. “Time to purge”, I had told myself firmly. I find that whenever I want to get rid of something, that turns into a personal challenge to make something with it. It is a strange way to work, often compelling me to work with my least favorite things instead of my most favorite. Such was the case with this purple pile of scraps. Just as one part of my mind said, “That pile of ugly purple scraps has got to go” another part said, “I challenge you to make something cool out of that hideous pile.” You see, in my aesthetic, there is a very fine line between hideous and fabulous. I scooped up that purple pile and got to work.

My Mom’s birthday was coming up and while I had had something in mind that I wanted to make for her, this bag clearly had her name on it. She loves purple and the fact that it was made from what I had wanted to toss in the garbage, makes it the perfect gift for her. Her inability to waste anything is the reason I struggle with my follow-through when I have decided it is time to purge. Have I gotten rid of that purple pile? Yes. Do I have enough projects pending that I could sew straight for the rest of my life and not finish? Yes. Is my organizing of my sewing space complete? Hardly. It served merely to conceive half-a-dozen new projects to add to the never-ending list…

One Response to “Purple Tote”

  1. Linda says:

    Perfect. Obviously I don’t have the same definition of hideous as you do.