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A tale of two costumes

So, can we agree that this may be one of the most adorable costumed children you have ever seen? Call me biased because I created both costume and child, but it is #1 hard to deny and #2 my main defense in explaining a momentary ethical lapse I experienced at Halloween.
Let’s just start by saying [...]

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More Balls

Joyful vintage polyester meets toy ball pattern from Grand Revival online.
These just speak for themselves, don’t they? Loud and clear.

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My Purse

Although I have been using her for 6 months now, I thought it was time for a formal introduction. Meet Janet, the purse I made for myself for my birthday last summer. Made from a dreamy blue vintage polyester found by none other than my Mom and accented with this beautiful pair of butterscotch buttons [...]

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Summery Skirts

I had a frenzy of skirt-making the first week of last summer. During this week, my eldest usually goes to his grandparents, leaving me with time to have my last fit of crafting before shifting to summer mode and saying goodbye to such indoor domestic pursuits for the season. Sigh.
Skirts are satisfying in that they [...]

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Card wallets

As a Mom of young children, it is a rare treat to go out without children in tow.  It takes a while to wrap my mind around the fact that I don’t have to take the 3 tote bags loaded with everyone’s drinks, snacks, hats, jackets and forms of entertainment, as is my habit [...]

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Spring Miscellany

Here is a random collection of things I made last spring:

#1 Large pillows from corduroy scraps. These are a big hit in our living room due to their generous size!

#2  A set of 3 balls for baby Morgan’s baby shower. He is 4 months old now, and quite a charmer!

#3 An end-of-the-year thank you gift [...]

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I’m Back!
You missed me terribly, didn’t you? I apologize for leaving an empty space in your life which my craft blog once occupied (Yes, I’m talking to you, Mom). But rest assured I have managed to overcome the technical tribulations that have plagued me these last 6 months, and I am ready to make a [...]

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It was well over a year ago that a friend of mine requested a Monkey for her little boy who loves them. Eventually, after mulling it over for some time, and looking at lots of monkey and monkey toy images on the internet, I came up with this monkey design.
The ball got rolling when I [...]

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Ruby’s quilt

During one of my scrap sorting sessions, I collected up a pile involving these colors. I started with that pile and filled-in with some other fabrics I had and before I knew it, I was making a quilt for the day when my 3-year-old Ruby gets a twin-size bed. While I had intended to use [...]

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I got lost in polyester knit a while back and haven’t surfaced since. I have been unable to resist fun polyester knits when I come across them second-hand: textured, stretchy, thick, bold and bright. You know, the fabric of your Grandma’s pantsuit from back-in-the-day. But I did not really know how I was going to [...]

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